Enormous Boeing plane stops traffic as it is driven on motorway to new home

Cruising at an altitude of zero feet, a jet draws a crowd as it is transported with a police escort to its new home.

The Boeing 727 fuselage stopped traffic as it was driven along the M5, M4 and M32.

It was bought for under £100,000 by Bristol event tech firm Pytch, which will use it as an office, Bristol Live reports.

Boss Johnny Palmer said: “We decided to re-purpose the icon of unsustainable hyper-consumption and have fun along the way.”

The firm used its transportation from Cotswold Airport in Kemble, Glos, to help raise funds for Great Western Air Ambulance.

The massive private jet was loaded onto a lorry ahead of its journey, before being craned into position at its new home in Bonville Road.

Johnny added: “Once in Bristol it will be the centrepiece of the hub of our tech empire.”

The aircraft would have cost £40million if bought new.

But Johnny got a deal due to its lack of engine and wings.