J.J. Watt: The one thing I want for Deshaun Watson is to be happy

Defensive end J.J. Watt negotiated his own departure from the Texans and was all smiles during his introductory press conference with the Cardinals on Tuesday.

Among the reasons why Watt is happy to be in Arizona is the presence of quarterback Kyler Murray, who he called extremely talented and capable of getting even better in his third season. Watt played with another good quarterback in Houston and Deshaun Watson‘s name came up during the press conference as well.

Watson would also like to leave the Texans, but hasn’t been able to extricate himself thus far. Watt said he hopes that Watson gets whatever it takes to make him happy.

“I love Deshaun. I love Deshaun,” Watt said. “We speak often. He’s an incredible player, but he’s an incredible person. He’s a special human being and he’s obviously unbelievably talented as an athlete, but he is also just a great person. And I tell him, the one thing I want for Deshaun Watson is for him to be happy. He deserves it and I want him to be happy. So whatever that looks like for him, that’s what I want for him.”

At this point, there’s no alignment between what would make Watson happy and what will make the Texans happy. Until that changes, Watson won’t be having anything like the happy scene Watt got to take in on Tuesday.